We are now accepting resumes for Substitute teachers and assistant for the 2017/18 school year. If you are interested in working with us, please email your cover letter and resume to info@dsmontessori.org

Positions available for 2018/19 School Year

Montessori Classroom Assistant Teacher

Title: Assistant to a Montessori Head Teacher

Direct supervisor:Head Teacher, Head of School

Job purpose:

Reports to and works with the classroom head teacher. Responsible for assisting the head teacher with the general supervision, management of the class and supporting the personal, social and intellectual development of students in keeping with the Montessori philosophy.


Must have a warm and friendly personality, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, be able to relate well to children, and be willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with Montessori philosophy. Must be at least 18 years old and meet the requirements of the licensing agencies and / or accreditation organizations. Must be willing to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Job Description and the Employee Handbook.

Minimum Educational Requirements:

Must have a High School Degree or GED or equivalent. Have or be willing to receive training and/or certification as a Montessori assistant.

Work Hours:

School Year (Late August through Mid-June) Monday to Friday on all school days: hours as detailed in Letter of Employment.



  • have knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood
  • have the ability to conform to an established work schedule
  • have effective interpersonal skills
  • have the ability to communicate in a concise and effective manner
  • have the ability of understand and follow instructions precisely
  • have the ability to exercise tact, discretion and confidentiality

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • To assist the head teacher in the preparation and maintenance of the prepared Montessori environment as directed
  • To keep the classroom environment clean, neat, and orderly, with regular light cleaning
  • To keep the classroom materials freshly stocked for the students’ use, such as paper, sharpened pencils, etc.
  • To guide or redirect the students to their activity, as directed by the head teacher
  • To keep an inventory of supplies as needed and to maintain the storage of supplies as needed
  • To prepare and repair classroom materials as directed by the head teacher
  • Help with children’s arrival and dismissal
  • To assist students with bathroom processes, personal hygiene, and health needs
  • To assist with the supervision of the children indoors and outdoors
  • To assist with snack and lunch as needed or directed
  • To have knowledge of basic first aid procedures and assist the children as needed
  • To assist the head teacher in maintaining current and accurate classroom and program records
  • Communicate with head teachers, assistant teachers and administration to ensure the child’s health, well-being and best interests
  • To implement effective lessons as directed by the head teacher
  • To prepare new materials as directed by the head teacher


Physical Requirements:

Must have the ability to:

  • Lift up to 40 lbs
  • Repetitive bending, stretching and stooping
  • Have mobility required to ensure the safety of the children
  • Work with children on the floor
  • Lead outdoor activities in all seasons
  • Perform light snack preparation and light duty cleaning


Remuneration: $18 per hour.


If you are interested in this position please email a cover letter and resume to info@dsmontessori.org.